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Every little helps...

We are a registered charity and our Committee carry out regular fund raising activities with various events throughout the year.

These initiatives are vital to enable us to update our equipment for the benefit of the progress of the children and therefore any help and support is greatly appreciated.

Please click through to see details of current and upcoming fundraising details and events.

The Fundraising Team! September 2018

We have had a very enthusiastic and hard-working fundraising team over the last year who have raised lots of money through their many fun activities involving all the families and children who have attended the nursery this year.  We now start a new year and a new term and the team almost remains the same, with Jade Phillips (Ernie's mum) at the helm and several other parents and carers who will continue to help organise some fun events throughout the year.  Please look out for any new events coming up as well as photos of toys and equipment which your money has helped the nursery to buy.  We will be having a regular second-hand uniform sale throughout each term so that you can buy those extra t-shirts or sweatshirts/jackets that are always needed and which your children can enjoy their messy play indoors and outdoors!

There will be a display of all the fundraising team's work on a large board inside the nursery reception area as well as details of all the team's names (and their children) so that you can all offer your help whenever you can or if you wish to join the team for the whole year!  The parents/carers meet either at the nursery school at the end of a session or occasionally meetings are held in one of the more local pubs to make it easier for parents to attend and to put ideas forward for events.


Our Mother’s Day Tea was so successful last year that we are going to organise it all over again! No date yet so look out for more information.  The children serve their mums, grandmas and aunties some delicious sandwiches and cakes as well as giving their mummies a little present to remember the day by.

Our Baby Room is opening on Monday 15th April 2019 and in order to buy a few new important items for the room we will be fundraising outside Waitrose in Hawkhurst on Thursday 21st February and Saturday 23rd February during the day if you wish to put a few coins in our pot!  Thank you!

All money raised goes into the fundraising account and this year, as well as the new Baby Room items, we are hoping to raise enough money to update our IT area and bring us up to date with modern technology.

There are more fundraising dates to come so watch this space!  A few photos of our events will also be going online for you all to see very soon.  Thank you for your support!

Angela Writer - Manager



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