Sandhurst Nursery School
Sandhurst Nursery School

Personal Mobile Phone and Smartwatch Usage Policy


At Sandhurst Nursery School we promote the safety and welfare of all children in our care. We believe our staff should be completely attentive during their hours of working to ensure all children in the nursery receive good quality care and education. To ensure the safety and well-being of children we do not allow staff to use personal mobile phones or smartwatches during working hours.     . 

We require our staff to be responsible and professional in their use of social networking sites in relation to any connection to the nursery, nursery staff, parents or children. We ask parents and visitors to respect and adhere to our policy. 

Staff must adhere to the following: 

Mobile phones/smartwatches are either turned off or on silent and not accessed during your working hours 

Mobile phones/smartwatches can only be used on a designated break and then this must be away from the children 

Mobile phones/smartwatches should be stored safely with personal belongings at all times during the hours of your working day 

During outings photographs must not be taken of the children on any phones or any other information storage device. 

Staff must not post anything on to social networking sites such as Facebook that could be construed to have any impact on the nursery's reputation or relate to the
nursery or any children attending the nursery in any way 

Staff must not post anything on to social networking sites that could offend any other member of staff or parent using the nursery 

If staff choose to allow parents to view their page on social networking sites this relationship must remain professional at all times 

If any of the above points are not followed then the member of staff involved will face disciplinary action, which could result in dismissal. 

Parents and visitors' use of mobile phones, smartwatches and social networking
Whilst we recognise that there may be emergency situations which necessitate the use of a mobile telephone, in order to ensure the safety and welfare of children in our care and share information about the child's day, parents and visitors are kindly asked to refrain from using their mobile telephones whilst in the nursery or when collecting or dropping off their children. 

We promote the safety and welfare of all staff and children and therefore ask parents and visitors not to post, publicly or privately, information about any child on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We ask all parents and visitors to follow this policy to ensure that information about children, images and information do not fall into the wrong hands. 

Parents/visitors are invited to share any concerns regarding inappropriate use of social media through the official procedures.